Essential Oils

Discover how our certified pure tested essential oils are changing the way people look after their families naturally. We harness nature's most powerful elements and we are sharing this gift with you - also discover how to work with us.

We are a supplier of over 130 certified pure tested essential oils and they are sourced from countries around the around. We also supply natural supplements, personal care, and cleaning products.

We supply our products to both the general public and health and wellness professionals to help with people's natural wellness.


We also provide free educational classes both online and offline for people to discover more about the uses and benefits of using essential oils as part of a healthier lifestyle. We have introductory classes plus more advanced classes as well.

Pure & Effective

How can you be sure ?


With our Essential Oils the testing speaks for itself.   The testing is not just in house but also includes 3rd party testing.  The reassurance does not stop there with every bottle you can view the testing results for yourself.   Peace of mind that you are using and benefiting from the purest and most effective natural solutions, a true gift of the earth.

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Supporting You

Essential Oils are believed to have been used to support health and wellness since 3000-2500 B.C.  With applications varying from support for balancing mood to help with head tension to name a few.


Advancements in scientific research begin to show us just the tip of the iceberg of how incredible and truly life changing essential oils can be.

Sourcing our essential oils

We are committed to providing only the highest quality essential oils to every household throughout the world. Accomplishing such a goal requires a huge amount of research to find the best sources of these oils. There are issues and nuances that affect the quality of an oil produced by the plant.


Identifying the specific genus and species must be coupled with also identifying the best soil and environment to grow that plant, the best part of the plant and the best time to harvest, and the most effective means of distilling the oil from the plant.

Once the specific plant and the proper environment have been identified, doTERRA goes to work finding the experts who have built their lives around those plants—many of whom have been doing so for generations. That expertise is important, and sets our products apart from every other product out there.


With over 130 essential oils on the market, doTERRA sources its oils from 40 countries. Of those countries, 23 are developing countries that do not enjoy many of the basic amenities that we so often take for granted. In these cases, and in many cases in developed countries, doTERRA’s need for essential oils is elevating communities out of poverty and desperate need. This initiative is called Co-Impact Sourcing.

Co-Impact Sourcing is so much more than just getting oils. Rather, Co-Impact Sourcing develops long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Through Co-Impact Sourcing, doTERRA helps to provide the resources and education needed to improve the economy—and even sometimes create an economy—in these communities. Jobs are created as the need for an essential oil is met. Additionally, farming and distilling equipment, as well as training, are also provided. Additionally, farmers and distillers enter into agreements that assure them of fair and timely pay that they can rely on. 

doTERRA’s non-profit, charitable organisation, the Healing Hands Foundation™, also plays a role in Co-Impact Sourcing. The Healing Hands Foundation steps in to help the rest of the community, providing education, building schools, and working to provide the necessities of life, such as potable water and needed infrastructure.

This commitment to not only source the highest quality essential oils but to also improve the lives of the communities results in a great deal of trust. As doTERRA has grown, that trust has resulted in many essential oil cooperatives entering into exclusive agreements with doTERRA. Word has also spread, and many more farmers and distillers are beginning to reach out to doTERRA to enter into their own agreements. 

Throughout it all, doTERRA’s commitment has remained the same—changing lives throughout the world with the precious gift of essential oils. 


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